Commons Action at the United Nations

What is Commons Action for the UN?

The Commons Action Group is a sub-group of Global Commons Trust. It is chaired by Dr. Lisinka Ulatowska and has many active members. The objective of the Commons Action Group is to introduce the idea of commons to governments, businesses, civil society, media and educators.

How does the Commons Action inform these groups about the commons?

Commons Action demonstrates

  • examples of how commons have worked throughout history and are presently functioning successfully
  • principles that make this form of social organization effective
  • legal precedents that can be applied to build viable commons-based organizations
  • advantages to governments, businesses and civil society of using commons management strategies

Why does Commons Action focus on the United Nations?

Commons Action emphasizes the UN because
• the UN objectives for sustainable development are the same as those of Commons Action
• the UN is the meeting and workplace of governments
• thousands of civil society organizations with similar objectives also meet there

How does the Commons Action function?

The Commons Action at the United Nations is supported by a forum which includes

  • a preparatory policy and consultation group to generate ideas from submissions to this website
  • a team attending UN conferences which is in direct contact with delegations and fellow NGOs
  • a network of civil society groups for sustainability that also has direct contact with governments via email during UN conferences
  • a review and collation of these findings by a group of experts, and their submission to the Commission on the Global Commons

What activities are planned?

  • Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD 18), 3 – 14 May 2010
  • Prepcoms (preparatory committee meetings) for the Rio+20 Summit, 17-19 May 2010; 1-2 March 2011; and meetings including the Rio+20 Summit in 2012
  • Conferences on climate change and sustainable development

What are the goals of Commons Action for the UN?

by 2012: work closely in synergistic partnerships with 8-10,000 people, including individuals, civil society organizations, businesses and governments

by 2017: ensure that the commons is the overarching theme of the anticipated Rio+25 Summit

by 2030: influence the creation of a commons-based global economic system, replacing the present debt-based system

How do I join?

You can participate by
• submit information on various commons to this website
• join the action team at the United Nations
• contribute from afar by analyzing the issues and providing input while Commons Action is meeting with officials at the United Nations conferences
• create synergistic partnerships for the commons
• contribute your time and skills to help Commons Action

Who is supporting the Commons Action Group?

Partners include All-Win Network, ARINA, Association of World Citizens, Centre for Global Negotiations, Earth Values Caucus, Global Commons Trust, Global Vision 2000, Globalisation for the Common Good, Heritable Innovation Trust, Institute for Planetary Synthesis, Kosmos Journal, On the Commons, P2P Foundation, Share the World’s Resources, Summit Speak, Trees Have Rights Too, and URSULA. Please let us know if you wish to be registered as a partnering organization.